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A new governance to promote both economic development and long-lasting sustainable fight against poverty

A new governance to promote both economic development and long-lasting sustainable fight against poverty


 The strong links between environmental and social issues, human rights, development, poverty, ecosystems safeguard make these problems transnational. Climate change, geological instability,  deforestation, desertification, reduction of rural lands, reduction of fishing, scarcity of fossil energy resources bear on human quality of life.

 Hence, environmental crisis is a global structural one, because of some natural resources, which are exhaustible, and ecosystem limits to absorbing the impact of polluting agents and waste.

Consequence analysis and solutions, which have to be adopted, have to be planned considering economic-financial and political-institutional crisis which has dramatically affected both European Union countries and Mediterranean Union countries.

The need to find suitable solutions to this complex crisis, related to the improvement of economic and social human conditions, ensuring a sustainable management of world natural resources, represents one of most complex theme of the scientific and political debate on meaning and interpretations of the concept of development, which should satisfy the current needs without compromising those of future generations.

In our opinion, the key factor, which is at the basis of the ability to find the best solutions to the employment of natural resources and to create stable economic development, is the ability of planning the governance and community social cohesion as one of the elements that puts together human communities. This is an essential element in order to develop to idea of the Union for the Mediterranean, to build a development plan and to support peaceful partnership across the mentioned geographic area.

The topics of participation, access to information and environmental communication aimed at a good governance, represent an issue more and more present in the Community-international, national and normative frame on sustainable development. Involvement and participation of both citizens and different social actors is basic to improve public policies quality and decisional

processes, whose definition can be integrated by citizens. It is placed in the general frame of democratic policy changes, since it represents the answer given by institution – in this administrations context – to the increasing need for the transparency of the public.

Information and participation topics should represent one of the central issues in the Community and national debate on the governance of the Union for the Mediterranean.

The growing importance of environmental information and participation is interlinked to several factors, which are tied not only to complex issues related to environment and sustainable development, but also to institutional framework changes:

  • • institutional framework evolution: development of environment regulations which bind States and local administrations to know, check and spread information on environment situation;
  • • increased interest of citizens toward environment issues (tied to a greater access to information, because there has been an increase of the news on such topics, especially related to situations of emergency);
  • • need for knowledge in order to define environmental policies;
  • • need for knowledge in order to plan and evaluate actions;
  • • need to let citizen and other actors participate, in order to take part in the decision making process of lower impact. Information increases transparency of administration and gives it further responsibilities, but in particular it supports and makes better the quality of the decisional process.

The fulfilment of reporting activities – such as environmental, sustainability, participative, social reports – becomes a concrete modality to let citizens know policies results and let them evaluate administrations performance according to former promises. Furthermore, it contributes to the management of environment conflicts, it increases social cohesion and the feeling of belonging to a community.

It is necessary to envisage the establishment of a special agency oriented to shape a plan of action that is representative of the particular territory. It needs to be an office that operates and puts down the foot work toward the development of the Union for the Mediterranean.  

Our organization is offering an office that will enact and favour: Participation of local community associations to the elaboration of the approaches: the public decision making often does not consider the local and regional reality very much. Our purpose is to enhance the cooperation between the local associations and the Union for the Mediterranean. We suggest examining the regional and local impact of the various decisions that need to be made.

  • Lastly, the member states of the union for the Mediterranean must get the local workers more involved;
  •  Major flexibility regarding approaches impacting the territory;
  • Keeping the general ideals together: public ideas need to be contemplated and it is important to integrate them in a coherent manner and to consider their local effect, in order to create a more stable territory in the Union for the Mediterranean.
  • Major involvement of civil society: FISPMED believes that local people play an important role in the elaboration of local approaches. It is important to encourage the actions of the organizations, in the local areas.
  • A more efficient consultation centre for the ideas of the Union for the Mediterranean: theinstitutions and the member states should promote the consultation of those involved, whoshould have the correct information regarding the policies of the Union for the Mediterranean.

In this context, Fispmed wishes that the Euro Mediterranean Assembly, the Parliament of the Mediterranean and the Parliament of the Black Sea could fulfil a role of first consideration, keeping in mind the direct representatives of the citizens. It should be advantageous to have public hearings more often. It is of equal importance to encourage the participation of the national Parliament. It will be necessary to define the various offices, rules and regulations. These various norms should improve the representation of various organizations and include their dialogues in the Union for the Mediterranean.


The networks gather both on the European and regional Mediterranean/Black Sea level, enterprises, communities, research centres and the regional and local participation. These regional and local networks could encourage great political relations. A special office could cooperate in a certain way to create public ideas. This would help to support the transnational cooperation between regional and local workers.

Fispmed offers tits structure to establish this office.

We would be very pleased to receive your comments and the availability to join the network. You can send us an e-mail to to receive further information or to communicate your interest.



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