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The location of the events organized for the 5-days for the Mediterranean communities will be Forte Marghera: Il sito.
The Assembly of the Italian network Anna Lindh Foundation will be the core of the 5-day. The Assembly will take place on 23- 24 May, one will be structured in seminars and the second will have a more technical focus thanks to the participation of political, cultural, civil and religious figures.
The “5 days for the Mediterranean communities” and the Assembly of the Italian network Anna Lindh Foundation are part of the project “Mediterranean Networking: step one Lampedusa”, cofunded by the ALF within the scope of common actions supporting the national networks. The project is a partnership of 17 italian ONG, of the “Albanian Forum for the Alliance of Civilizations” (leader of the Albanian network) and of “We love Sousse” (leader of the Tunisian network). The focus of this Common Action is the isle of Lampedusa which, thanks to his geographical location, is
a bridge between Europe and Africa. In the last years this isle has become known under the name of “the gate of life” as the same migrants call it, finding in it refuge, especially those seeking protection and a better future. The project, started in July 2012, envisage a specific path including at least 70 ONG, members of the Italian ALF network.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

10.00 – 21.00 Opening wine and food stands
12.00 -13.00 Inauguration Mediterranean Video Festival and Art Exhibitions
TONINO Mattu – “Guerra Vintage” (Vintage Wars) by Antonello Carboni
Lightening powerful images, almost hieratic, emptying them of their past meaning with a simple
frame; making them void and cancel their origin and history. Replicate and falsifying these images
is the reverse process: it is to make them authentic transforming them into a witness of truth. This
is what happens in the works of Tonino Mattu on World War I. Steeped in Popper’s thought, not
disregarding Emerson at the same time, the artist does not escape or rebel to the sense of the
world, but tries to understand it, and failing at that, tries to accept it.
The artist: Tonino Mattu, born in Nuoro in 1979. Lives and works in Oristano (Sardinia,Italy).
Main exhibitions:
2012 Oristano, “Attacco aereo” (Air Attack), Solo painting exhibition, by Cristiana Giglio and
Antonello Carboni.
2011 Solarussa (Or), Project Space Askosarte, “Io so” (I know), collective exhibition of visual arts,
by Ivo Serafino Fenu.2011 Sassari, 54th International Art Exhibition, Biennale di Venezia. Italian Pavillion, Sardinia.

2011 Sassari, 54th International Art Exhibition, Biennale di Venezia. Italian Pavillion, Sardinia.
2010 Spoleto, 53rd Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds, exhibitions by Vittorio Sgarbi..
2010 Berlino, Infantellina Contemporary Gallery, “Dypticon”, collective exhibition of visual arts.
2009 Roma, Showroom Poltrona Frau, The road to contemporary art,“CROSSOVER il bianco e il
nero…con la lente di Galileo” (From black to white… through Galileo lens).

15.00 – 17.30 Biennale Habitat: . On the topic: “Adriatic-Ionian world heritage” with the support of The Regional Council of Veneto and the Venice Regional Office of The Council of Europe:

Presentation of the people’s petition (popular initiative) “Adriatic and Ionian Unesco Heritage” presented by Annika Patregnani, President of Biennale Habitat (with the support of the Regional Council of Veneto and Venice Regional Office of the Council of Europe)

Gianpiero Sammuri – FEDERPARCHI EUROPARKS – President
MEP Gianni Piettella – first vice-president,  European Parliament

biennale habitat

17.30 – 19.30 Presentation of the project: “THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE MEDITERRANEAN


The environmental aspects of a meat-based nutrition. A transition towards an economy using
efficiently the resources at its disposal can not disregard strategies leading to a reduction of the
meat consumption. Speaker: Paolo Ciccone, environmental biologist, Project Cambiamo:

19.45 Award ceremony to high schools collaborating with Rete Italiana Istituti Alberghieri (Italian
network of Catering Institutes) for hospitality activities. Collaborating with:


20.00 – 22.00 Mediterranean Video Festival – Agropoli (SA):

mediterraneo video festival

The “encounter” is the theme of the film festival suggested starting from the Mediterranean ®
Video Festival, on the occasion of the Five Days for the Mediterranean communities. The
Mediterranean ® Video Festival is an international documentary film Festival, taking place each
year in Agropoli (SA), dedicated to the Mediterranean landscape.
The theme chosen for the festival encourages a reflection on the spirituality, religions and the need
to rethink the dialogue between people and cultures in the lawless universe of the global world.
The Mediterranean here is considered as a crossroad and a meeting point between East and

48′, directed by Oren Tirosh (Israel, 2009)
Adel, a sudanese refugee working in the Sinai, and Eshel, an Israeli kibbutznik woman, fall in love.
They have two girls and try to figure out how best to live as a family.

The course of the sands
54′, directed by Cristina Bocchialini and Ayman El Gazwy (Egypt, 2010)
The curse of the sands is dedicated to the victims of the mines spread in the vast area in the
surroundings of El Alamein, where some of the most violent II World War battles took place. It
seems that at the moment 17 millions of mines are still hidden in the sands.

La retta via (“The right path”)
51′, directed by Roberta Cortella and Marco Leopardi (Italy, 2009)
“La retta via” is the story of Ruben and Joachim, two young Belgian prisoners of 17 and 16 years,
selected by the NGO Oikoten to participate in a special rehabilitation program: Ruben and Joachim
must travel more than 2500 km walk between Belgium and Spain, following the ancient Route of
Santiago de Compostela. If they will be able to reach the end of the route respecting all the
agreements with the court, they will be free.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

10.00 – 21.00 Food and wine stands
Within the WTD project :


Recently the European Commission has adopted a proposal of the European Parliament and of
the Council dedicated to the development and the improvement of the 6th framework programme
expired in July of 2012: COM (2012) 710 final (available at: ). “The context of this proposal
is fourfold. First, despite progress in some areas, major environmental challenges remain, as well
as opportunities to make the environment more resilient to systemic risks and change. Second,
the EU has adopted the Europe 2020 Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth, which
guides policy development for the period up to 2020. Third, while many Member States are
struggling to cope with the economic crisis, the need for structural reforms offers new opportunities
for the EU to move towards an inclusive green economy. Finally, Rio+20 highlighted the
importance of the global dimension.This Environment Action Programme aims to step up the
contribution of environment policy to the transition towards a resource-efficient, low-carbon
economy in which natural capital is protected and enhanced, and the health and well-being of
citizens is safeguarded.”

10.00 – 13.00 International seminar on: People’s participation to governmental choices (deliberative
democracy) in collaboration with GENIUS LOCI :

  • Objectives:

Examine the theme of deliberative democracy and its role to promote new governance in
the Mediterranean;

14.30-19.00 Conference on the rational use of limited resources: water and energy

  • Objectives:
  1.  Promoting integrated actions among different institutional actors, in order to develop best solutions for the use of limited natural resources;
  2. Contributions from industry experts and interventions, local and international, on the subject of sustainable management of water resources;
  3. Participating in the international year for water cooperation promoted by the United Nations:

anno acqua

17.30 – 19.00 Presentation of the INTERNATIONAL WATER SCHOOL. Seminar focused on
tendencies and management of water resources for administrators and industry – by Habitat
WORLD Onlus, Università degli Studi di Milano, ECO-SYSTEMS academic spin-off of Università
degli Studi di Pavia-Department of TERRITORIAL ECOLOGY (prof. Leonardo Salvemini, prof.
Dario Savini, Dr. Sergio Modenese).

At the end of the conference the film WATER will be screened; Israel/Palestine-France, 2012, DCP,
Col., 110 ‘: Directors: Nir Sa’ar and Maya Sarfaty ( Still Waters), Mohammad Fuad (The Water
Seller), Yona Rozenkier (Raz and Radja), Mohammad Bakri (Eye Drops), Ahmad Bargouthi
(Kareem’s Pool), Pini Tavger (Drops), Tal Haring (Now and Forever), Heli Hardy (Make Yourself at
Home), Yoav Shavit (Women of Refaiya).
Producers: Yael Perlov, Kobi Mizrahi, Maya de Vries. Television Department.
Co-producer: Edgard Tenembaum; CoproductionTu Vas Voir.
International distribution: Tu Vas Voir.

20.00 – 22.00 Mediterranean Video Festival – Agropoli (SA):

mediterraneo video festival

52’, directed by Nathalie Rossetti and Turi Finocchiaro (Belgium, 2008).
In 1991 Luce’s son was murdered in Albania. Exploring the turmoil the country went through along
with the personal and spiritual experience of this woman who chose to forgive the man who
murdered her son, thus following the “Besa” specified in Lek Dukagjin’s Kanun, we will move along
the historical, religious and social path of today’s Albania. Today the “forgiven” sees Luce as a
“mother”: thanks to her he has been totally rehabilitated in the eyes of society… Luce has now
become a peace mediator to help other families involved in a process of “blood justice”.

( R )Esistenza
73′, directed by Francesco Cavaliere (Netherlands/Italy, 2011).
The documentary tells eight stories of eight civil resistance in Scampia, a suburb north of Naples,
in a context of high social degradation, crime and unemployment. The actors talk about their lives
and daily work so that their neighbourhood become a better place to live.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Morning: Arrival and accommodation of the participants

15.30 – 19.30 Initiatives to support the strengthening of the ‘Black Sea Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for information and participation in environmental policies and actions of sustainable local economic development.

19:30 to 21:00cSpecial Session:


Video clip by “Pianeta Mare” (1’30”);

􀀀 Theme: The communication of the marine world: Statement by Aldo Innocenti one of the
founders of “Pianeta Mare” explaining how was born the idea of a new format of
institutional/ entertainment program which just turned 10 years old and gathers every
episode a total audience of 2 million viewers (10′).
􀀀Theme: The sea that unites: video clip from an episode of “Pianeta Mare” (2005). The
story of two fishermen in Cesenatico, one Italian and Catholic, the other Tunisian and
Muslim who are shared owners of a fishing boat and intervention by Aldo Innocenti (5 ‘).
Theme: The sea producing culture: sustainable development and new forms of
entrepreneurship. Three examples with short video clips from “Pianeta Mare”.
The organ of Zara, Croatia, architect Nicola Basic: a series of canes inserted on the
dock producing sounds with the waves of the sea.
The House of fish: a project of the Consorzio Naturalmente Toscana and of
companies of the Maremma Park. The placement, in the waters in front of the
Argentario, of marble’s dead bodies, carved by artists from all around the world and
then placed into the sea to combat illegal commercial fishing and to serve as a reef
for fish.
The “pescaperitivo di Pelagica” in Sestri Levante: a project to widen the traditional
idea of fishing tourism that becomes an “happy hour marina” on the boat moored at
the dock with the tasting of freshly caught fish (10′).

Conclusions by Aldo Innocenti on the need to promote and communicate, in an organized
and spectacular way, new initiatives increasingly related to the sea. Such as: fishing,
culinary tradition, new crafts, art, music and culture (launch of the proposal: A Theatre.The
sea is not only the place for our holidays, is our life, and Italy is surrounded by the sea, that
is, life itself).

21:15 : Welcome Dinner

Friday, May 24, 2013

9:00 PARTICIPATING MEMBER REGISTRATION at Forte Marghera, at Network AlfItaly reception

President of the Chamber of Deputies, Hon Laura Boldrini

Chairman Committee on Culture Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean, Hon Khalid Chaouki

9:30 to 10:00 – Opening of the session by the three national co-ordinators of the ALF Network and
greetings of the director of Forte Marghera.

10:00 to 11:30 – Intervention of the Executive Director of ALF, Andreu Claret, who will address
issues related to the Foundation: prospects, strategies, programs, discussion of the Arab Spring,
with a focus on the situation in Egypt. Moreover, the Director will present the programme of the
Anna Lindh Mediterranean Forum, which will be held in Marseille next April.

anna lindh forum

11.30 – 11.45 – Presentation of the Joint Action of the Italian network of the Anna Lindh Foundation
“Mediterranean Networking: step one Lampedusa.”
The Ministers for Foreign Affairs and National Heritage and Cultural Affairs of the Italian
Government will be invited.

Coffee Break 11:45 to 12:15

12:15 to 13:30 debate on the future of ALF Italian Network: comparison of good practices and

  • People of the Mediterranean in the Knowledge Society: new technologies, internet, university and training to support democracy and enhance cooperation. The case of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO and its young Egyptian students.

13:30 to 14:00 time dedicated to the members of the Network.

Lunch Break 13:30 to 14:30

14:30 to 15:30 time dedicated to the members of the Network.

15:30 to 17:00 a case study: Forte Marghera, as gateway to the ecomuseum of the lagoon of Venice and the territories of the eaves (Regional Law 10 August 2012, n. 30): “a European centre for the arts, traditions, ancient crafts and the
Mediterranean University of crafts”. Debate with Marco Polo System Geie, Associazione Veneziana Albergatori, Federsolidarietà, International School KIP (Knowledge, Innovations, Policies and territorial practices for UN’s Platform of Millennium) – Fispmed ONLUS;

17:00 to 18:00 speeches by:

Massimo Cacciari , philosopher, academic and politician, who recently described the Mediterranean as “identity and alterity of Europe.” A sea which configures itself as a “Mare Nostrum “, and as the “heart” of a “Secret Europe”, called to embrace a “new humanism” in the pursuit of unity and differences. Today, however, as highlighted by Cacciari in the new
edition of The Geophilosophy of Europe ( Adelphi, 1994), the Mediterranean dimension seems to have become to Europe “a mere limes, something to be protected from or to use as a defence.” In the Dialogues of Trani (, he also argued that “we need to bring the Mediterranean back in European political debate in order to overcome the current stalemate in which we are living at an European level.” And
it is the very idea of a Mediterranean archipelago, that Cacciari has assumed as a philosophical category and which can be taken as a metaphor for Europe, because “Europe does not consist of land, but of land and sea.”

Niccolò Rinaldi MEP and ALDE Vice President, he was speaker of a major report on the implementation of a business and investment EU strategy in the Southern Mediterraneanfollowing the revolutions of the Arab Spring (Http:// T). Rinaldi’s report points out the political and economic opportunity which this change represents and it suggests to create an award for democratization in trade relations with the countries of the Southern Mediterranean. This document, approved by the European Parliament (479 in favor, 64 against, 40 abstentions), could add to the ongoing discussion concrete topics on the economic strategies to implement in the Southern shores of the Mediterranean. In this regard: “Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the EU has never seen at its borders a political transformation as important as that of the Arab Spring.

18:00 to 19:00 speeches of the ALF members of the southern shores of the Mediterranean,such as the partner of our Common Action (Tunisians and Albanians), coordinated by Corinne Grassi, new Network coordinator.

19.30 – 20.30  presentation of the film “per la mia strada” (on my way), by Serena Romano, president of the Association Corrente Rosa

Duration 52′
Directed by Emanuela Giordano

Produced by Corrente Rosa

8 stories of ordinary excellence. Their personal experiences are shared with Giovanna, a girl in her twenties, dealing with the construction of her professional path. It’s an exchange of advices between women from different generations, that will allow Giovanna to broaden her view and understand the importance of thinking to her own way, beyond the expectations and the opinions of others.

Special Event:

WRITING A MOVIE: intensive course of screenplay writing Two intensive courses of 7h each: writing techniques and much more. For full programme:

Maximum 15 participants, for more information:

Saturday, May 25, 2013

10.00 to 13.30
create a network in the country for the development of the social economy and the third sector in
collaboration with Banca Prossima and the Association ASSIF and the branch for Sponsorship of
Cultural Heritage and Activities of the Chamber of Commerce of Monza and Brianza. In particular:

  •  showing the importance of networking between multi-stakeholders concerning social issues, cultural issues and for the development of our country and also for the promotion of partnerships in the Mediterranean;
  • 􀀀 talking about the third value and real opportunities it offers, meeting with enterprises (partnership with CARVIE – Intesa San Paolo);
  • describing the potential offers of the FITS Foundation in particular in relation to specific fund raising campaigns in network ;
  • the “5 per mille”;
  •  “Culture attracts business… to value our territory”: good practices by branch for Sponsorship of Cultural Heritage and Activities of the Chamber of Commerce of Monza and Brianza.

12.30 13.30 a tool to support networks and citizens participation. Bill 583: entrustment to the International Federation for sustainable development and fight to poverty in the Mediterranean – Black sea region – to establish the Euro-Mediterranean – Black Sea observatory. The observatory aims will be the information and the participation in environmental policies and actions of sustainable local economic development to enhance regional cooperation and peace processes.

Interventions: the first signatory, MP M. Elio Massimo Palmizio, will discuss the issue with the speaker of the foreign affairs commission and the speaker of the budget commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

Lunch Break 13.30 – 15.00, presso…

14. 30 – 18.30
• fondi Europei e sostegno alla cultura opportunità di lavoro in rete ALF;
• la nuova programmazione Europea 2014 – 2020:

Addetto stampa/Press officer

logo_ce-it-rvb-hr (2)

DG Communication
Representation of Italy

  • the role of ENPI in the development of the Mediterranean.
  • the role of the programme “Creative Europe” for culture in the Mediterranean.

Special Event:

WRITING A MOVIE: intensive course of screenplay writing
Two intensive courses of 7h each: writing techniques and much more.
For full programme:

Maximum 15 participants, for more information:


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ministero affari esteri


provincia di venezia

logo orizzontale colore cà foscari

Federculture logo


Scientific Partner:


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Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Istituto di Studi sulle Società del Mediterraneo

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(May 21 2013)

The long marathon of the Five days for the Mediterranean Communities, welcomed by Forte Marghera of Mestre, started today May 21.

The Fispmed International Network (International Federation for Sustainable Development and Fight against Poverty in the Mediterranean-Black Sea) with the collaboration of the North-west euro-Mediterranean institution Paralleli and of Fondazione Mediterraneo organized the Days.

The association “International Federation for Sustainable Development and Fight against Poverty in the Mediterranean-Black Sea” – FISPMED – was born in 2004 on the basis of the positive experience acquired through the Seam Project, supported by the European Commission (DG Enlargement and DG Regional Policies) and of the Italian Minister of Environment who gave birth to the network composed of 188 partners belonging to 38 different countries, representatives of cultural institutions, NGOs, study centres, research institutions and universities. In 2007, “Regione Veneto” becomes charter-member by the regional law approved unanimously.

Today, the association includes 220 partners in 39 different countries of the Mediterranean and Black Sea areas representing over 1,8 millions of citizens of the same area.

The geographic basin of reference is of Mediterranean-Black Sea which is shared by an old historical tradition (the Mediterranean basin was also called Middle White Sea in opposition to the Black Sea, made of meetings and fights of different civilisations (suffice it to think that the area contains the members of the three greatest monotheistic religions).

At present, the basin is crossed by many political, economic, social and cultural problems of complex resolution, but the binding need for resolving the environmental questions felt by all the member states is acknowledged: in fact, they affect the southern and northern coast of the geographic basin of reference and are definitely tied up to a common fate of the whole area.

This is why FISPMED attributes a priority character to environmental questions and to those connected to sustainable development, in line with many international documents.

By consequence, FISPMED considers as overriding the actions aimed at: improving the management of water and its demand; encouraging the rational use of energy, incrementing the use of renewable energetic resources and limiting the climate changes and carrying out an adaptation process to them; supporting the sustainable mobility through a suitable management of transports; guaranteeing a sustainable tourism which could become a driving economic sector; ensuring an agricultural and rural sustainable development; encouraging the sustainable urban development; favouring the sustainable development of sea, coastal areas and sea resources.

FISPMED makes its efforts through actions aimed at strengthening the contribution of the civil society that it represents, giving it the possibility of expressing its reflexions as regards the communitarian and international policies where it is directly involved (that is the current Barcelona process: Union for the Mediterranean). By consequence, FISPMED collects the requests of the citizens that it represents and it bring them to the attention of the institutional responsible of the same policies, in order to contribute to the improvement of the decision-making process, to the strengthening of the democratic participation process and to the research of suitable and more effective solutions which meet the real needs of the population involved. In this connection, on the other hand, FISPMED makes also use of communitarian and international projects rising from the network and which develop synergies aimed at improving the conditions of life of the same citizens of the whole euro-Mediterranean and Black Sea area.

Every year, FISPMED selects projects elaborated by its own members. Two projects per year (one for eastern and the other for southern Mediterranean-Black Sea), announced on 21 March are funded launching a specific and articulated campaign of raising of funds for the next twelve months.

The technical secretariat of international coordination has its seat in Venice (Italy); the regional secretariats are four, one for every macro-area (Southern Europe and Northern Mediterranean; Northern Europe; Eastern Europe and Black Sea countries; Mashrek; Maghreb); and a thematic secretariat dedicated to the questions of small and medium enterprises.

Furthermore, the Federation has recourse to the contribution of the private sector through the participation of industrial, business and craft confederations. The two most important manufacture representation networks of Mediterranean-Black Sea are FISPMED members.

The same proceeding has been carried out for the moment with other different Italian regions and in the future with the regions of the partner countries of Euro-Mediterranean and Black Sea Cooperation.

FISPMED asked the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, the Parliamentary Assembly of Mediterranean and the co-Presidents of the Union of the Mediterranean the recognition with an observer status. It has already obtained the observer status from the Parliament of the Black Sea. It participated at the Parliamentary Assemblies of the Parliament for the Mediterranean and of the Parliamentary Assembly for the Union for the Mediterranean.

FISPMED ONLUS coordinates the national network of Anna Lindh Foundation; Foundation owned by the European Union and the Southern Mediterranean countries. The network is supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

An international seminary on the participation to the choices of government by local population (deliberative democracy) in collaboration with GENIUS LOCI and an International meeting on the rational use of the limited resources (water and energy) are predicted in the next days.

It will be introduced the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF WATER, a seminary of orientation and management of the water resources for administrators and enterprises of the field – by Habitat WORLD Onlus, University of Studies of Milan, ECO-SISTEMI, academic spin-off of the University of Studies of Pavia – ECOLOGIA DEL TERRITORIO department (prof. Leonardo Salvemini, prof. Dario Savini, dott. Sergio Modenese).(21/05/2013-ITL/ITNET)


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